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This web ring is for sites which are about the insect order Coleoptera (beetles).  Your site can contain information about any kind of beetle from scarabaeids to cerambycids, but it needs to be a site with actual natural history information.  Sites which advocate the conservation and captive breeding of beetles are especially welcome.  Are you a beetle enthusiast and/or hobbyist with a site about beetles?  If so, please come join us!
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Sites in the ring
Arizona: Beetles Bugs Birds and more
Natural history and field studies of Arizona beetle species, some other insects, and the habitat they are found in...(English)
Beetle Breeding Homepage
At the moment it is quite small but it contains a breeding report for Goliath beetles, Odontolabis gazella and a description of a totally new type of collection.  A collection of captive bred beetles, to see the variability (please read this part)...(German and English)
A Beetle Breeding Site
This website is dedicated to beetle breeding, right now focused on Lucanidae and Cetoniinae...(German)
The Beetle Experience
Sights, sounds and information on beetles native to North America...(English)
The Beetle Ring (home page)
This is the home page of The Beetle Ring...(English)
Beetles & Rock Art in Libya
An illustrated update of the beetle fauna of Libya.  New citations and new species.  Involving many specialists and still being updated.  Also archaeology and rock art in the Sahara...(English)
The purpose of the website is for the identification of beetles found in Singapore...(English)
Beetles In The Bush
Experiences and reflections of a Missouri entomologist.  Essays and photographs of beetles (especially Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, and Cicindelidae) and other insects, their host plants and natural habitats, and the landscapes containing them.  Includes discussions of taxonomy and reviews of new literature...(English)
Beetles of Africa
Hundreds of pictures in colour of Africa's beetles with correct collecting data and Latin names from the Colin R. Owen Collection.  We are adding pictures all the time!  We also sell dead, dried A1 specimens.  Lists on request...(English)
Beetles of the Cuyamaca Mountains
This site describes the beetle fauna of the Cuyamaca Mountains in San Diego County, California, as well as the ecology of the region, and highlights species from greater San Diego County and the neighboring Imperial County, California...(English)
Beetles on Stamps
Everything about beetles (main families description, agricultural and cultural interest...) illustrated with stamps...(French)
Beetle's Paradise
My website is focused on the breeding of tropical beetles from Cetoniidae and Dynastidae groups.  You can also find some instruction for breeding or exhibits of my collection there...(Czech)
Pages about breeding beetles with vast photo gallery...(Czech and English)
Breeding (African) beetles
A site with information about the breeding of African beetles...(Dutch)
My personal web page about this fascinating family, including lists, hunting tips for field workers, species to identify, and more...(French and English)
Database and images of my Cerambycidae collection; Nearctic and Neotropical specimens...(English)
The Clerid Homepage
The Clerid homepage gives information about clerid workers, their activities and literature...(English and German)
Coleoptera's iconography, taxonomy and keys to identify families of superfamily Scarabaeoidea and subfamilies of family Scarabaeidae.  Also an entomological dictionary and general keys to beginners to identify Insecta's orders...(Spanish)
Coleoptera.dbv.pl - Beetles Are Our Passion
A website dedicated to breeding beetles...(Polish)
Pages about beetle breeding. Photo gallery, breeding manual, tips and tricks, etc...(Czech and English)
Coleoptera XXL
Sale and breeding of beetles and larvae from all the world...(German and English)
Coleopterists Corner
Blog about coleoptera collecting research and grad school...(English)
Danne's animals
Photo galleries of my beetles and other insects, reptiles and flowers...(Swedish and English)
Dermestidae of the world
Taxonomy and faunistics of world Dermestidae...(German and English)
Dynastes67 YouTube Channel
A YouTube channel dedicated to bringing you the best videos on care and display of live beetles...(English)
L'élevage des cétoines
Site dédié à l'élevage des cétoines, avec de nombreuses photos, des fiches d'élevage, des forums...  (Site dedicated to the breeding of Flower beetles, with many photos, breeding records, forums...)..(French)
A growing collection of living insect pictures, mainly but not only from Belgium and France...(French and English)
Information on various kinds of scarab beetles, especially those which are native to tropical rain forests.  Includes many excellent photos, along with natural history information about each species depicted.  Also features extensive information regarding captive rearing methods for scarabs of the subfamilies cetoniinae and dynastinae.  (Site by the founder of The Beetle Ring)..(English)
Faune Arthropode
Picture gallery of arthropods from the north of France (in French, but I plan to add an English part)...(French)
Flickr: An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles
This is a Flickr group for photos that celebrate the fabulous diversity of beetles in all their weird and wonderful forms...(English)
Giornale Italiano di Entomologia
Scientific journal of entomology...(Italian)
A website dedicated to the Goliath beetles of Africa, among which are some of the world's largest beetle species.  Includes photo galleries and a comprehensive manual regarding captive breeding methods for the genus.  (Site by the founder of The Beetle Ring)..(English)
Beetle Breeding Web.  Large gallery, more than 130 species and 500 macro or close-up photos of common and rare Cetonidae, Dynastidae, Lucanidae, Euchirinae and Rutelidae.  Visit now!..(English, Czech, Japanese and Chinese)
Hercules beetles "Critter case files"
Dynastes tityus is a Dynastes that I have collected and finally reared with success.  I have found numerous websites now that I have done this but I have always found the Dynastes as a group truly wonderful...(English)
Pages about breeding exotic beetles...(Czech)
Hodowla Chrzaszczy i Motyli
Hodowla Chrzaszczy tropikalnych i Motyli.  (Breeding tropical beetles and butterflies.)..(Polish)
Insects of Alberta
Identify Insects found in Alberta Canada, including beetles, flies, butterflies, moths, bugs, dragonflies, cicadas, grasshoppers, wasps and bees...(English)
An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles
A site to highlight a book by the same name, of which I am a
co-author, and to begin to design and compose content to teach biology and natural history using beetles as the medium...(English)
Insect Farm "BugDesign"
Our site is dedicated to invertebrates.  Various photos of beetles, spiders, butterflies, mantis, stick-insects, and other invertebrates, especially those which are native to tropical rain forests.  Information on keeping and breeding of them.  First official invertebrates shop in ex-USSR...(Russian and Ukrainian)
Käfer Europas
Determination keys of European beetles...(German)
Kay's Beetle Breeding Hobby
It is about the rearing of the longest rhinoceros and stag beetle...(English)
Kerbtier.de - Beetle Fauna of Germany
Kerbtier.de is dedicated to the beetle fauna of Germany, with photos of more than 2000 species, search and comparison functions, topic pages and records of interesting species from Germany recorded by the author...(German and English)
Kingdom of Beetle Taiwan
Various alive beetles and dried beetles from around the world...(English)
Lambert Smith's Insecta
Non-profit site aimed at developing public awareness of the biodiversity of South African insect fauna and and the importance of insects and related life forms in the overall ecosystem...(English)
Site containing a collection of cetoniinae (including Goliathus goliatus) and dynastinae, with beautiful pictures and basic information about how to rear these beautiful creatures...(German and English)
Photographs of mantids, assassin bugs, aquatic bugs, beetles and other insects from around the world...(English)
Mark's Beetles
Hobby breeder with husbandry guidelines on how to breed Flower beetles...(Dutch)
Page of the Breeder of Beetles
Photos of beetles and other invertebrates from breedings or wild and the pictures from journeys for beetles and beauties of nature, basic breeding information...(English)
Rhino Beetles
Site dedicated to Rhino Beetles, dynastinae.  Including photographs and information on Atlas, Hercules, Princess, and many other rhinoceros beetles...(English)
RikenMon's European Beetles
We have a general search site for European Animals. we have 80+ bugs that can further be selected on various search criteria...(English)
Sahara Nature
Plants and animals from the Sahara (including information about the beetles of the region)...(French)
Salagubang - Philippine Coleotpera
The first and only website devoted to Philippine Coleoptera from the site developer's collection.  Contains 850 photos from 9 families...(English)
Site sur l'élevage des coléoptères (cétoines, dynastes, lucanes...)  (Website about breeding beetles (Flower beetles, Dynastes, Stag beetles ...))..(French)
Shield-Winged Insects
A blog dedicated to Earth's most diverse, fascinating, yet most overlooked creatures...(English)
Siam Insect-Zoo & Museum
Our website is a support site for Siam Insect-Zoo & Museum...(Thai and English)
Willkommen auf der Startseite des Mikrobiologen und Coleopterologen Oliver Nolte
The site provides an overview about beetles as my hobby.  Some photographs, a list of my publications about beetles, lists with faunistic data from the sites where I collect beetles, and a link list are provided...(German)
Fotogallery of beetles, breeding, fair of exotic insects, flowers and animals...(Czech and English)

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