Goliathus albosignatus

Size: 40 - 70 mm

Southeastern Africa, ranging into northern South Africa.
range of G. albosignatus

The smallest Goliathus species.  Elytral markings generally consist of a series of undulating, horizontal black bands.  There are two varieties - G. a. albosignatus and G. a. kirkianus.

Considered to be one of the less often encountered species, although locally common in some parts of its range.  It is known to congregate on Marula trees (Sclerocarya birrea caffra), and has been observed feeding at sap flows on Acacia.

albosignatus, kirkianus

Countries of origin:
Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Goliathus albosignatus pair

Goliathus albosignatus (male) - Image  Petr Curik
Goliathus albosignatus (male) - Image  Karl Meier

Examples of Goliathus albosignatus.

Photos courtesy of Petr Curik (left) and Karl Meier (right).

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