Goliathus goliatus

Size: 50 - 110 mm

Has a wide distribution ranging from western to eastern equatorial Africa.
range of G. goliatus

One of the largest species of the genus, sometimes reaching over 100 mm in length.  Elytral markings vary greatly, and a number of different varieties have been named.

The first Goliathus species to be described. View an early natural history illustration of G. goliatus.

goliatus, apicalis, conspersus, undulus, albatus, quadrimaculatus

Countries of origin:
Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Congos, Gabon, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

Goliathus goliatus pair

Goliathus goliatus (pair) - Image  Petr Curik
Goliathus goliatus (pair) - Image  Matthias Frei

Examples of Goliathus regius.

Photos courtesy of Petr Curik (left) and Matthias Frei (right).

View the Goliathus goliatus gallery. view the Goliathus goliatus gallery

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