Goliathus orientalis

Size: 50 - 100 mm

Areas of the Congos and Tanzania.
range of G. orientalis

The elytra bear a complex pattern of fine markings.  The typical form is that of many white spots ringed in black, although vertical banding is seen in some specimens.  The white areas are rather pearlescent.  Markings vary, and there are a number of recognized varieties.

A rather localized species.  Basilewsky writes that it lives in savanna regions rather than rain forests, although it is only found in shady areas where trees are present.

orientalis, preissi, pustulatus, undulatus

Countries of origin:
The Congos and Tanzania.

Goliathus orientalis pair

Goliathus orientalis (male)
Goliathus orientalis (male) - Image  Petr Curik

Examples of Goliathus orientalis (above).

Colour photo courtesy of Petr Curik.

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