Welcome to The Marsupial Ring home page.  This web ring is a group of sites about marsupial mammals.  I founded the ring on 17 November 1999, shortly after construction of my two marsupial sites, The Thylacine Museum and Thylacoleo - Australia's Marsupial Lion.  Marsupials are a group of animals with which I have long been fascinated, and I believe that this web ring will serve as an effective means of helping people to locate the marsupial information that they seek.

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a natural history of the Tasmanian tiger
the Marsupial 'lion' of Pleistocene Australia
the Natural Worlds introduction page
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Your website must meet the following guidelines in order to be eligible -

1. You must have a site about marsupials.
2. Your site must have content, and not just links.
3. This web ring is strictly for natural history oriented sites with a firm scientific footing.  Your site must contain a significant amount of information, and must meet a certain quality standard, both in respect to HTML and information presented.  If all you have is a page or two about marsupials amongst a variety of pages which deal with completely unrelated subjects that are not directly relevant to the natural history community, please do not apply for membership.
4. Your site must be suitable for viewing by all age groups, contain no material that would generally be considered objectionable, and not be linked to any site that displays such.
5. No sites which are disrespectful in any way of marsupials or other animals.
6. No commercial sites please.  Nonprofit organizations are acceptable.

Once you have submitted your site for consideration, I will visit your site to determine if it meets the required criteria.  If it is approved for membership, you will then be advised on how to install the ring's navigation box (HTML fragment) onto your site.  The navigation box does not necessarily have to be placed on your site's introduction page - it can be displayed on a "web rings" page instead, but you must have a link to that page from your site's introduction page.

The Marsupial Ring is not affiliated with the webring.com system, and is managed entirely by its founder.  Navigation within the ring is quite simple - if your site is accepted for membership, a link to it will be displayed on the ring's alphabetically arranged list of member sites, along with the brief description of your site which you submitted upon application for membership.  All that a visitor to a Marsupial Ring member site has to do to access the ring's list of sites is click on the navigation box's graphical or text link.

Once you have submitted your site, please allow at least several days for me to visit your site and send you reply.  Thank you for your interest in The Marsupial Ring.


the Natural Worlds introduction page
a natural history of the Tasmanian tiger
the Marsupial 'lion' of Pleistocene Australia
a new species of armored dinosaur
rhinoceros beetles and other members of the scarab family
among the world's largest, heaviest insects
the world of wolves, foxes and other canids
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