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This web ring is for sites about marsupial mammals.  Your site can contain information about any marsupial from dasyurids to kangaroos, but it needs to be a site with actual natural history information.  Sites which advocate marsupial conservation are especially welcome.  The primary function of The Marsupial Ring is to promote public knowledge and appreciation of marsupials.  Do you have a site which details the natural history of marsupials?  If so, please come join us!
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· C. Campbell
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· Founded on 17 Nov. 1999
· 10 sites
Sites in the ring
Fourth Crossing Wildlife
Stories, photos and information (including short term care tips) on Australian native animals...(English)
Kimberley Wildlife Carers & Associates
Highlights current events and initiatives in the Kimberley for our group in regards to all wildlife...(English)
Magnificent Survivor - Continued Existence of the Tasmanian Tiger
Ground breaking field based evidence is offered to show that the Tasmanian tiger is not yet extinct - because there can be no protection for the thylacine until the world accepts that it still exists.  This book can be downloaded for free from the Internet as a public awareness campaign...(English)
The Marsupial Ring (home page)
This is the home page of The Marsupial Ring...(English)
The Thylacine Museum - A Natural History of the Tasmanian Tiger
A comprehensive online museum dedicated to furthering public knowledge and interest in the thylacine or Tasmanian tiger, a carnivorous marsupial of Australia.  Features information about thylacine history, anatomy, behaviour, evolution, classic illustrations, historic films, and thylacine cloning.  Also, special presentations about the International Thylacine Specimen Database Project and Magnificent Survivor, a thylacine quiz, and much more.  (Site by the founder of The Marsupial Ring.)..(English)
Thylacoleo - Australia's Marsupial Lion
A website which details the discovery and natural history of Thylacoleo carnifex, a predatory Australian marsupial of the Pleistocene which is often referred to as the Marsupial lion.  Includes detailed information and excellent photographs of thylacoleonid fossils.  Topics include a discussion of the history of marsupials in Australia and abroad, thylacoleonid genera and species through time, and the fossil-bearing Naracoorte Caves of South Australia.  (Site by the founder of The Marsupial Ring.)..(English)
The Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group
The Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group is an incorporated community group based on the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland, made up of local residents interested in, and concerned for, the conservation of North Queensland's rich mammal fauna...(English)
Unique Australian Animals
A site about Australian animals including marsupials (over 36 animals featured and a new animal added each month)...(English)
Wallaby Rescue
A site dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of marsupials in Far North Queensland...(English)
A site dedicated to the three species of wombats...(English)

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