The Paw Paw nodosaur - Pawpawsaurus campbelli

Pawpawsaurus cast replica skull dorsal view
Pawpawsaurus cast replica skull dorsal view.
Your opportunity to possess a unique piece of our planet's past!

I am personally creating quality cast replicas of the skull of Pawpawsaurus so that museums, scientists, and collectors can have their very own copy of this one-in-a-million find.  Each skull is cast in a durable gypsum cement, then carefully hand finished to create a realistic reproduction in respect to both weight and appearance.  In contrast to most dinosaur skulls, that of Pawpawsaurus is of a convenient size, which makes it an easy to display conversation piece for the home or office.

A member of the nodosaurid branch of the superfamily Ankylosauria (armored dinosaurs), I discovered this species in May of 1992 in the Early Cretaceous Paw Paw Formation of Tarrant County, Texas.  When first sighted, scarcely a few square inches of the skull were visible above the ground's surface.  After months of careful cleaning to remove the encrusting layer of shale matrix, a truly amazing and beautifully preserved fossil came to light!
Pawpawsaurus cast replica skull ventral view
Pawpawsaurus cast replica skull ventral view.

Pawpawsaurus lived along the edge of the Western Interior Seaway, which once occupied a large area of western North America and existed throughout much of the Cretaceous Period.  Dinosaur fossils from the Paw Paw nodosaur's time, the Early Cretaceous (Late Albian - approx. 97.5 to 100 million years ago), are quite scarce. 

Nodosaur remains are extremely rare, and this specimen is one of the most complete skulls yet found from a member of this group.  It is also the eastern-most nodosaur known from North America, the vast majority having been recovered from the western states.  Pawpawsaurus campbelli has contributed much to our understanding of these these primitive armored dinosaurs.  Comprehensive research on this species was undertaken at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Replica price:  USD$250 (retail)
Dimensions:  approx. 25 cm L x 19 cm W x 13 cm H

If you are interested in a purchasing a replica, please e-mail me.

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