Stephanorrhina guttata
Range:  southeast Africa
Size:  20 mm

Stephanorrhina guttata is small at only 20 mm in length, but has brilliant metallic coloration. S. guttata is yet another species of the multitude of cetoniine scarabs that live in the African tropics.  Often referred to as the "Flower beetles", cetoniines derive their common name from the fact that many species frequent flowers, where they feed upon nectar and pollen.  Many plants in the tropics are assisted in the pollination process by these beetles.


S. guttata has been established in captivity for a considerable time, and is considered to be among the easier species to rear.  Because of their small size, many specimens can be raised and maintained together in a relatively small terrarium.  Note the indented, bright white spots in the elytra which contrast vividly with the metallic green background color.

Photo courtesy of Roman Kocina.

Stephanorrhina guttata - Image  Roman Kocina

Stephanorrhina princeps - Image  Thomas Libich
Here is shown another species of Stephanorrhina, S. princeps from Malawi.  Tropical Africa is one of the best places on Earth to see colorful beetles of the scarab subfamily cetoniinae.  However, other regions (such as southeast Asia, Australia and South America) have many beautiful species as well.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Libich.


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