Xylotrupes gideon
Range:  southeast Asia, Indonesia, and northern Australia
Size:  35 - 70 mm

Widespread across the southeast Asian tropics is Xylotrupes gideon, a very common rhinoceros beetle that is completely black in color, and has a very shiny texture.  The horn design of Xylotrupesis extremely similar to that of the genus Dynastes of North and South America.  One major difference however, is that the cephalic horn is bifurcated at the tip, whereas that of Dynastes is not.  Along with Augosoma centaurus of western Africa, X. gideon represents a case of parallel evolution, as all three of these genera have developed very similar horn and body shapes.


A pair of X. gideon.  This is one of the most commonly encountered of all the southeast Asian dynastine species, and it is quite easy to rear in captivity.  They can be raised in the same way as most other rhinoceros beetle species on a mixture of decomposed wood and leaves.

Photo courtesy of Roman Kocina.

Xylotrupes gideon (pair) - Image  Roman Kocina

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