About the Thylacine Museum - A Statement from the Curator
    The Thylacine Museum - A Natural History of the Tasmanian Tiger is a detailed and comprehensive compilation of information about a truly remarkable marsupial - the thylacine or Tasmanian tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus).  The thylacine is a species for which I have spent much of my life gathering literature and other material related to its study, and one for which I have the greatest respect.  Marsupials have always been among my primary interests, and the thylacine especially so. 
Thylacine Museum curator Cameron Campbell
Natural historian Cameron Campbell, curator of the Thylacine Museum, with the skull of a large male thylacine.
    I am pleased to present the revised and greatly expanded fifth edition of the website.  The Thylacine Museum first went online in November 1999, being an early pioneer amongst natural history websites.  Now into its fifth revision, the site has expanded beyond all recognition from those early, tentative steps in the 1990s.  One of the guiding principles in the development of the museum was that its content should be fully referenced, just as would be the case in a scientific paper.  This exacting level of verification has ensured that visitors to the site can be confident in what they read.
    The fifth revision of the museum has been extensively revised and enlarged, and includes four completely new subsections: The Collectors, The Specimens, a historical account of the life of James Harrison - Tasmania's premier dealer in wild animals, and a discussion of Frank Haes' 1864 image of a thylacine at the London Zoo - the earliest known photograph of a thylacine.

    "The Thylacine Museum is a world-class educational resource and the most comprehensive source of information on the thylacine or Tasmanian tiger available anywhere on the web, or for that matter, in any conventional museum display.  The latest revision of the site brings together current expert opinion from many disciplines, and this, combined with its many interactive features, will ensure that the site appeals to both the amateur naturalist and academic alike".
Dr. Stephen Sleightholme
Project Director
International Thylacine Specimen Database Project

    The Thylacine Museum is a non-profit educational resource committed to increasing public awareness and understanding of a unique marsupial that through man's thoughtless actions, has sustained irreversible damage.  My hope is that its story will encourage others to help conserve our world's priceless biodiversity.

    I wish to extend my appreciation to all of the researchers, authors, photographers, and artists throughout time who through their works have either directly or indirectly made the existence of this museum possible.

    "The Thylacine Museum is a detailed and well presented site that allows a far greater reach in the age of the internet to present accurate information on the species to a much wider audience.  We may possibly be witnessing the future of natural history presentation, as sites like this offer many advantages over traditional museum displays".
Professor Heinz Moeller
December 2004

Thylacine Museum curator - NSW
The curator in rural New South Wales.
    I am frequently asked whether or not I believe that the thylacine still exists.  I have made an extensive review of the secondary evidence that has appeared over the past several decades, and concluded that the species quite likely does still survive, albeit in critically low numbers.  Therefore, the Thylacine Museum has been written from the point of view that the thylacine is still extant.  As is the case with many other endangered species, the ongoing destruction of its habitat is undoubtedly the single greatest threat that the thylacine faces.

    Optimism for the future of the thylacine lies in concern for its needs.  If we can set aside natural areas for it, it stands a fighting chance of survival.  With knowledge, skill, and a responsible attitude, we can make certain that there will always be a place in this world for the thylacine.

Cameron R. Campbell
Founder and Curator
The Thylacine Museum


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