The wealth of knowledge and material presented in the Thylacine Museum is the combined result of the dedicated efforts of a vast number of researchers, authors, photographers, and artists spanning at least two centuries.  A concerted effort has been made to credit the sources of all material whenever possible.  This site is provided purely as a non-profit educational resource, to assist in scientific and historical research, and to help promote a greater public awareness of the natural history of the thylacine.
    I am indebted to my good friend and colleague Dr. Stephen Sleightholme, Director of the International Thylacine Specimen Database Project, for his assistance in the revision and expansion of the museum.  He has supplied many additional photographs and other illustrations, and played an essential part in the updating of the site's existing areas and in the creation of entirely new sections.  I would also like to thank Nicholas Ayliffe (Photographer to the ITSD Project) who provided many superb photographs.
Beaumaris Zoo (QD) - circa 1935
A thylacine at the Beaumaris Zoo (Queen's Domain) circa 1935.

    I am also grateful to Col Bailey author and thylacine researcher, who has long been of great help to me in my ongoing thylacine research.  Col wrote the foreword for this site, and has also prepared a historical presentation about the Tasmanian bushmen, detailing their experiences with the thylacine.  In 2001, Col published the book "Tiger Tales: Stories of the Tasmanian Tiger".  This was followed by his books "Shadow of the Thylacine - One Man's Epic Search for the Tasmanian Tiger" in 2013, and "Lure of the Thylacine - True Stories and Legendary Tales of the Tasmanian Tiger" in 2016.  Other friends who have provided special contributions are "Tigerman" - author of the online publication "Magnificent Survivor - Continued Existence of the Tasmanian Tiger", and Rosemary Fleay-Thomson - daughter of the well-known Australian zoologist Dr. David Fleay.  I am most grateful to Arnfinn Holderer of the University of Heidelberg for his outstanding animated contributions to the new revision.  His 3D animations of the thylacine's gait, growth, development, etc. are the most realistic that have ever been produced, and the museum is proud to have been directly involved with their creation.  Finally, I would like to acknowledge the significant contributions made to the museum by late Prof. Heinz Moeller and Dr. Eric Guiler.  Their combined research laid the foundation upon which this virtual museum was constructed.

Cameron R. Campbell
Founder and Curator
The Thylacine Museum

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