Image seven - Gustav Mützel

Gustav Mützel painted this assemblage of Australasian wildlife, titled Australische Fauna (Australian Fauna), in 1893.  It appears in the 6th edition of "Meyer's Konversations Lexicon", 1902. 

The numbers have been replaced over their original positions to improve clarity.

Australische Fauna (Australian Fauna) - Gustav Mützel
1. Giant Kangaroo
(Eastern Grey Kangaroo)
2. Tree Kangaroo
3. Tasmanian Wolf
4. Duck-Bill (Platypus)
5. Porcupine Ant Eater
6. Parakeet Cockatoo
7. Nestor Parrot
(from New Zealand)
8. Owl Parrot (Kakapo,
from New Zealand)
9. Bird of Paradise
(from New Guinea)
10. Emu
11. Cassowary
(from New Guinea)
12. Apteryx (Kiwi, from
New Zealand)
13. Lyre Bird
14. Brush Turkey
15. Bridge Lizzard
(Tuatara, from
New Zealand)
16. Barramunda
(Australian lungfish)
17. Sulphur-crested
detail of Australische Fauna (Australian Fauna) - Gustav Mützel
Detail of Tasmanian Wolf.
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