This section of the museum chronicles the history of the thylacine in captivity; the individuals that were displayed in zoos around the world, and the photographs and films that were taken of them.

"Zoos, Circuses and Menageries" is a comprehensive presentation on the history of the thylacine in zoos, circuses, private menageries, etc. in Australia and beyond.

"Benjamin: The Last Known Captive Thylacine" tells the story of the very last known captive thylacine (who has popularly come to be known as "Benjamin"), that died at the Beaumaris Zoo (Hobart) on 7th September 1936.

"The Historical Thylacine Films" presents seven historical film clips which comprise all of the motion picture footage known to exist of thylacines.

"The Haes Photograph" discusses the earliest known photograph of a thylacine, and the only photograph of a living thylacine from the 19th century, which was taken by Frank Haes in 1864 at the London Zoo.

"Burrell's Thylacine Photographs" discusses five famous photographs taken at the Beaumaris Zoo by naturalist Harry Burrell.

"James Harrison - Tasmanian Animal Dealer" is a new section of the museum which tells the story of James Harrison, Tasmania's premier animal dealer.

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Zoos, Circuses
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Benjamin - The Last Known
Captive Thylacine
The Historical
Thylacine Films
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The Haes Photograph Burrell's Thylacine
James Harrison -
Tasmanian Animal Dealer
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