This section of the museum explores various aspects of the thylacine's history following the European settlement of Australia.  It also examines both sides of the extinction debate.

"Persecution" discusses the war of extermination that man once waged against the thylacine.  It explores the negative public attitude which gave rise to the bounty schemes leading to the destruction of so many thylacines during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

"The Tasmanian Bushmen" is a historical presentation about the lives of the Tasmanian bushmen, focusing on their experiences with the thylacine.

"Expeditions and Searches" details the various search efforts for the thylacine that have been undertaken since 1936, following the death of the last known captive individual at the Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart.

In "Extinction vs. Survival", the various human-induced impacts that led to the massive decline in thylacine numbers, as well as the possibility of the present-day survival of the thylacine, is discussed in-depth.

"Alleged Mainland Thylacine Sightings" explores some of the accounts of alleged thylacine sightings which suggest that the species may still exist on the Australian mainland.

"Magnificent Survivor" is a presentation detailing the field research and events that led to the writing of the online publication "Magnificent Survivor - Continued Existence of the Tasmanian Tiger".

"The Collectors" is a completely new section of the museum detailing the efforts of some of the major historical collectors to secure thylacine specimens for museum and university collections.

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