About Thylacoleo Revealed - A Statement from the Curator

    Thylacoleo Revealed - A Natural History of the Marsupial Lion is a detailed and comprehensive compilation of information about a truly unique family of extinct marsupials - the Thylacoleonidae.  I am pleased to present this revised and expanded new edition of the website.  Thylacoleo Revealed first went online in November 1999, being an early pioneer amongst natural history websites.
    One of the guiding principles in the development of the site was that its content should be fully referenced, just as would be the case in a scientific paper.  This exacting level of verification has ensured that visitors to the site can be confident in what they read.

    Although over 150 years have passed since the first fossils of Thylacoleo were described, the species remained one of the great enigmas of Australian palaeontology until the latter half of the 20th century.  Using modern scientific methods, new insight into the biology of this very unusual mammal has been gained.

Thylacoleo carnifex (Edmund Gill - 1940)
Life reconstruction of Thylacoleo carnifex by Edmund Gill, 1940.

    Of the various marsupial groups, the thylacoleonids are among those which I have always found particularly fascinating.  In 1996, I visited the Naracoorte Caves National Park in South Australia, a place of particular interest to those who study the Pleistocene of Australia.  Many fine examples of Thylacoleo fossils have been unearthed within the park's Victoria Fossil Cave.

    I wish to extend my appreciation to all of the researchers, authors, photographers, and artists throughout time who through their works have either directly or indirectly made the existence of this website possible.

Cameron R. Campbell
Founder and Curator
Thylacoleo Revealed


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