Through this page you can view my pages on various species of canids other than wolves.  These include the African wild dog, the Maned wolf and foxes.  As with my Wolves: The genus Canis section, you will be able to access additional pages or sites outside of WORLD of the WOLF which are related to each species, as well as advance to the following page in the series.  Just click on a linked picture.

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African wild dog
 (Lycaon pictus)
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Grey fox
 (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)
go to:  Swift fox
Swift fox 
(Vulpes velox)
go to:  Red fox
Red fox
(Vulpes vulpes)
go to:  Arctic fox
Arctic fox
(Alopex lagopus)
go to:  Maned wolf
Maned "wolf"
(Chrysocyon brachyurus)
go to:  Fennec fox
Fennec fox
(Fennecus zerda)

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