Red fox photo gallery

Although Vulpes vulpes is commonly known as the redfox, the individuals shown here exhibit
several of the colour variations that have been produced by selective breeding in captivity.

All photos in this gallery are © Monty Sloan.

For permission to use or for more information about these fox photographs please write to Monty Sloan / Wolf Park

All photos are shown at reduced size.  Click on each thumbnail to view the full size image.


Basil - Image  Monty Sloan
Angel - Image  Monty Sloan

Angel and Corey - Image  Monty SloanAngel and Corey - Image  Monty Sloan
Angel & Corey
Angel - Image  Monty SloanCorey - Image  Monty Sloan
Angel                  Corey

Basil, Angel, and Corey - Image  Monty Sloan
Basil, Angel, & Corey

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