The species of Canidae

Following is a listing of all living species of Canidae, including the various subspecies of each.


Grey wolf:
Canis lupus lupus
C. lupus albus
C. lupus alces
C. lupus arabs
C. lupus arctos
C. lupus baileyi
C. lupus bernardi
C. lupus campestris
C. lupus chanco
C. lupus columbianus
C. lupus crassodon
C. lupus fuscus
C. lupus griseoalbus
C. lupus husonicus
C. lupus irremotus
C. lupus labradorius
C. lupus ligoni
C. lupus lycaon
C. lupus mackenzii
C. lupus nubilus
C. lupus occidentalus
C. lupus orion
C. lupus pallipes
C. lupus pambasileus
C. lupus signatus
C. lupus tundrarium
C. lupus familiaris (domestic dog)
C. lupus familiaris dingo (dingo) 
Red wolf:
Canis rufus rufus
C. rufus gregoryi
Canis latrans latrans
C. latrans cagottis
C. latrans clepticus
C. latrans dickeyi
C. latrans frustor
C. latrans goldmani
C. latrans hondurensis
C. latrans impavidus
C. latrans incolatus
C. latrans jamesi
C. latrans lestes
C. latrans mearnsi
C. latrans microdon
C. latrans ochropus
C. latrans peninsulae
C. latrans texensis
C. latrans thamnos
C. latrans umpquensis
C. latrans vigilis
Simien jackal: 
Canis simensis simensis 
C. simensis citernii
Golden jackal:
Canis aureus aureus
C. aureus algirensis
C. aureus anthus
C. aureus bea
C. aureus lupaster
C. aureus maroccanus
C. aureus riparius
C. aureus soudanicus
Black-backed jackal:
Canis mesomelas mesomelas
C. mesomelas achrotes
C. mesomelas arenarum
C. mesomelas elgonae
C. mesomelas schmidti
Side-striped jackal:
Canis adustus adustus
C. adustus bweha
C. adustus centralis
C. adustus kaffensis
C. adustus lateralis
Cuon alpinus alpinus
C. alpinus adustus
C. alpinus dukhunensis
C. alpinus fumosus
C. alpinus hesperius
C. alpinus infuscus
C. alpinus javanocus
C. alpinus laniger
C. alpinus lepturus
C. alpinus primaevus
C. alpinus sumatrensis
African wild dog:
Lycaon pictus pictus
L. pictus lupinus
L. pictus manguensis
L. pictus sharicus
L. pictus somalicus
Bush dog:
Speothos venaticus venaticus
S. venaticus wingei
Raccoon dog:
Nyctereutes procyonoides procyonoides
N. procyonoides koreensis
N. procyonoides orestes
N. procyonoides ussuriensis
N. procyonoides viverrinus
Maned wolf: 
Chrysocyon brachyurus
Red fox:
Vulpes vulpes vulpes
V. vulpes abietorum
V. vulpes aeygptica
V. vulpes alascensis
V. vulpes alpherakyi
V. vulpes alticola
V. vulpes anatolica
V. vulpes arabica
V. vulpes atlantica
V. vulpes barbaras
V. vulpes beringiana
V. vulpes cascadensis
V. vulpes caucasica
V. vulpes crucigera
V. vulpes daurica
V. vulpes diluta
V. vulpes dolichocrania
V. vulpes dorsalis
V. vulpes flavescens
V. vulpes fulva
V. vulpes griffithi
V. vulpes harrimani
V. vulpes hoole
V. vulpes ichnusae
V. vulpes induta
V. vulpes jakutensis
V. vulpes japonica
V. vulpes karagan
V. vulpes kenaiensis
V. vulpes krimeamontana
V. vulpes kurdistanica
V. vulpes macroura
V. vulpes montana
V. vulpes necator
V. vulpes ochroxanta
V. vulpes palaestina
V. vulpes peculiosa
V. vulpes pusilla
V. vulpes regalis
V. vulpes rubricosa
V. vulpes schrencki 
V. vulpes silacea
V. vulpes splendidissima
V. vulpes stepensis
V. vulpes tobolica
V. vulpes tschiliensis
Swift fox:
Vulpes velox velox
V. velox arsipus
V. velox devia
V. velox hebes
V. velox macrotis
V. velox mutica
V. velox neomexicana
V. velox nevadensis
V. velox tenuirostris
V. velox zinseri
Pale fox:
Vulpes pallida pallida
V. pallida edwardsi
V. pallida harterti
V. pallida oertzeni
Ruppell's fox:
Vulpes ruppelli ruppelli
V. ruppelli caesia
V. ruppelli cufrana
V. ruppelli somaliae
Corsac fox:
Vulpes corsac corsac
V. corsac kalmykorum
V. corsac turkmenica 
Blanford's fox:
Vulpes cana
Bengal fox:
Vulpes bengalensis
Tibetan fox:
Vulpes ferrilata
Cape fox:
Vulpes chama
Grey fox:
Urocyon c. cinereoargenteus
U. cinereoargenteus borealis
U. cinereoargenteus californicus
U. cinereoargenteus colimensis
U. cinereoargenteus costaricensis
U. cinereoargenteus floridanus
U. cinereoargenteus fraterculus
U. cinereoargenteus furvus
U. cinereoargenteus guatemalae
U. cinereoargenteus madrensis
U. cinereoargenteus nigrirostris
U. cinereoargenteus ocythous
U. cinereoargenteus orinomus
U. cinereoargenteus peninsularis
U. cinereoargenteus scotti
U. cinereoargenteus townsendi
U. cinereoargenteus venezuelae
Island grey fox:
Urocyon littoralis littoralis
U. littoralis catalinae
U. littoralis clementae
U. littoralis dickeyi
U. littoralis santacruzae
U. littoralis santarosae
Arctic fox:
Alopex lagopus lagopus
A. lagopus beringensis
A. lagopus fuliginosus
A. lagopus groenlandicus
A. lagopus hallensis
A. lagopus pribilofensis
A. lagopus sibiricus
A. lagopus spitzbergensis
A. lagopus ungava
Dusicyon culpaeus culpaeus
D. culpaeus andinus
D. culpaeus culpaeolus
D. culpaeus lycoides
D. culpaeus magellanicus
D. culpaeus reissii
D. culpaeus smithersi
Azara's zorro:
Dusicyon gymnocercus gymnocercus
D. gymnocercus antiquus
D. gymnocercus inca
Grey zorro:
Dusicyon griseus griseus
D. griseus domeykoanus
D. griseus fulvipes
D. griseus gracilis
D. griseus maullinicus
Small-eared zorro: 
Dusicyon microtis
Hoary zorro:
Dusicyon vetulus
Sechuran zorro:
Dusicyon sechurae
Crab-eating zorro:
Cerdocyon thous thous
C. thous aquilus
C. thous azarae
C. thous entrerianus
C. thous germanus
Bat-eared fox: 
Otocyon megalotis megalotis 
O. megalotis virgatus
Fennec fox:
Fennecus zerda

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