Presented here is a selection of wolf / canid video sequences that I have made from personal videos that I have taken at various zoos, wildlife parks, etc.

At present, I have prepared three video clips for display on this site.  These clips do not have sound.

I converted each frame of these sequences to a compressed JPEG format which is usable by a JAVA applet.  Upon clicking on the linked images below, you will be forwarded to the page upon which the selected video will be shown.  The applet will load each frame of the video (you will be able to see the frame progression as this is carried out) and once this is completed, the video will begin running at normal speed and repeat continuously.

The amount of time it will take to load the videos will of course vary depending on your connection rate, as well as current internet traffic.


go to grey wolf video 1
Grey wolf 1
(Canis lupus)
1.56 MB - 312 frames
go to grey wolf video 2
Grey wolf 2
(Canis lupus)
819 KB - 180 frames
go to swift fox video
Swift fox 
(Vulpes velox)
1.15 MB - 200 frames

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