This section of the museum is dedicated to palaeontology.

In "Australia and the Marsupials", the evolution of Australia's marsupials will be explored in a condensed discussion of the geological and biological forces which led to the continent's mammalian fauna becoming completely unique in the world.

"Fossil Thylacines" focuses primarily on the various species of thylacines which existed during the Tertiary Period, a time which spans from the Paleocene through Pliocene Epochs (approx. 2-65 million years ago).  The oldest known thylacinid fossils date from the Late Oligocene Epoch (approx. 23-28 million years ago).

In "Prehistoric Range of the Thylacine", the former distribution of the modern thylacine species, (Thylacinus cynocephalus) will be examined through both fossil material and ancient Aboriginal rock art.

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