Magnificent Survivor
                             Continued Existence of the Tasmanian Tiger
Free Publication REVISED SEPTEMBER 2009
        Few major books have been written about the Tasmanian tiger. Most of these say the species is probably extinct, or it has definitely been extinct since 1936. Let history record this as the first major publication to declare emphatically, as of September 2009, that the Tasmanian tiger is not extinct, it is in desperate peril, and immediate legislative change is required if the species is to continue. This is an urgent call to arms.
        Here are more than sixty colour images, all original work of the author, and all entirely new to the thylacine debate. This book offers the most detailed thylacine field advice ever compiled; accumulated knowledge from one man's six year full time search. And this is all offered free of charge as a public awareness campaign, to whoever has the will to use it, for there can be no protection for the Tasmanian tiger until somebody proves the species exists.
     Magnificent Survivor - Continued Existence of the Tasmanian Tiger can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format at no cost. It is broken into four parts to reduce the size of the downloads. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader before you can read or print the documents - if necessary you can download Acrobat Reader free at ADOBE. Once the files are open you can simply save them to your computer hard drive, then print them as normal to make up the full book.
Click the links below to download the four parts. Have patience while the documents are being opened as they are large files.
Don't panic if it appears the PDF files lock up while opening directly from the internet - they just require more time.
Magnificent Survivor 1
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Magnificent Survivor 2
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Magnificent Survivor 3
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Magnificent Survivor 4
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visit The Thylacine Museum - A Natural History of the Tasmanian Tiger
For a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the history and biology
of the Tasmanian tiger, please visit The Thylacine Museum.

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